Why working remotely is better.

Remote work is a benefit of the misfortune of this previous year. Although we have been confined to our homes, some of us have been given the opportunity to work from home. Working from home has been very beneficial for many people’s lives and the different circumstances that we all go through.  


 Working remotely has been great for a better balance of life in general. Not being stuck in your office all day and being able to get things done at work and in your personal life, that you wouldn’t have been able to before is beneficial for many people. You learn to enjoy work more because the pressure has subsided. Being more independent and having more time in the day to do the work is the incredible part. The freedom that comes with remote work is the best part. We are all different and we all work differently. Some people may have better productivity in the morning, others midday, some in the evening or even night time. Having the ability to do things at your own pace is the high point. 


There are also fewer distractions when working from home. Not always, but you can create an environment where focused work is the norm. 


Working remotely is less stressful. Just think about it. No traffic in the morning, no more awkward lunches. Being in your own space and being able to have meetings in the comfort of your sweatpants. Making a gourmet meal in your kitchen for lunch between projects- Does it really get any better? Not to mention the money being saved by the business. Mileage costs, gas, and electric - All minimal, if not depleted now due to no one being in the office. Wow, this remote work thing sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Remote work is honestly looking like the future of business for many industries. We have to continue to find ways to make working at home successful as well as attainable. 



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