What is Cloud Load Balancing?

Cloud load balancing distributes incoming requests and allows businesses and organizations to maximize system workloads by redistributing computing cycles between different cloud-based servers and networks . It allows you to maximize performance of systems as well as creating reliability. It helps with the traffic of consumers and data and maintains that the systems are working correctly . “A load balancer distributes user traffic across multiple instances of your applications. By spreading the load, load balancing reduces the risk that your applications experience performance issues. By using Cloud Load Balancing, you can serve content as close as possible to your users on a system that can respond to over one million queries per second. Cloud Load Balancing is a fully distributed, software-defined managed service. It isn't hardware-based, so you don't need to manage a physical load balancing infrastructure.” Cloud Load Balancing overview 


Massive workloads can overwhelm a server, but with cloud load balancing, it can help redirect this workload to other servers to make response time that much quicker and more reliable. Using cloud load balancing allows that data to be retrieved in a more organized fashion. 


Another major implementation of load balancing is Geographic Load Balancing. With a global user base, it is critical for each user to use a server that is geographically nearest to the users. If you are in Europe, you would not expect to be accessing servers in South America while using an app. This could cause performance and security issues. Geographic Load Balancing solves this problem by using the data centers closest to each end user.


Having effective system responsiveness and availability is important to any business. And with cloud based systems, you have to be able to scale your infrastructure to support the server demand. Having systems in place to help route traffic is important so that your business can perform to the best of its ability. With modern applications and customer expectations your users will rarely tolerate a poor performing application. It is critical to deliver a great result. 


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