The Top Five Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Tremendous Growth

There are numerous benefits of IT Staff Augmentation, and many reasons to temporarily increase your staff. 

Here we will cover those top benefits, and give some insight into the decision to ramp up staffing.


1. Industry Experts are Working For You

Money no object, most people would love the opportunity to eat a meal prepared by a Michelin Star Chef. These chefs are the best in the world for a reason. They have honed their craft for years to get where they are today.

Bringing in an outside company to help with a project will get you some amazingly talented people. You already have an amazing team, so adding more high-quality talent will increase your team's productivity and effectiveness. Like a Michelin Star Chef, these guys and gals have honed their craft and can help elevate your employees.

Part of the offering is typically training and mentorship. Everyone can learn, even experts. Anyone who doesn't learn from a project is doing something wrong.

2. Ability to Scale

Hiring new employees takes time, money, and effort. The typical hiring time, from job posting to extending an offer, in the U.S. is 23.8 days. Three and a half weeks. This is the average, your mileage may vary. This does not account for the lead-up time to get the job requisition approved, the job posting written, and finally posted to a job board. Most consulting and contracting firms can cut that in at least half.

Once these experts start on your project, they are able to hit the ground running. The only ramp-up time is around your specific company procedures. 

3. Your Team is Laser Focused

A big benefit of bringing in outside help is to let your core team focus on what is truly important for the business. Your team has specialized knowledge and skill that outsiders are unable to replicate. Keeping your employees working in those areas is crucial to success.

The outside help can focus on project-based initiatives that have a defined start and end date. This is where our clients have seen the most bang for their buck. Your team focuses on what they are good at, and the contract workforce focuses on what they are good at.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility in today's business world is essential. There are times when your organization needs to pivot. This requires flexibility, but your employees are already working on business-critical activities. Flexibility, in this regard, is about expanding the team while a major initiative is completed, then shrinking the team back to the core employees when that is done. Your team needs to expand or contract as needed in order to achieve success.

You already have a core staff who has helped you get your company where it is today. These employees are vital in their current roles.

5. Reduced Overall Costs

There are many costs associated with hiring full-time employees. From benefits, retirement, time off, sick days, training, equipment, a desk in the office. Consultants do not require any of these expenses. They bring their equipment, knowledge, and expertise. When the project is done they go on to help another organization like yours achieve success. 

While these experts are on your project, they work hard to cultivate a learning atmosphere. Your employees end up getting trained up in the latest technologies. Your projects are brought current in the latest approaches and industry standards.

Bringing in Experts Benefits Your Business

IT Experts can dramatically help your enterprise get to the next level. Your employees have gotten you to where you are now, but often a boost is needed for tremendous growth.


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