Is your workplace ready for the new expectations of this generation?

Millennials and Generation Z are your candidates for your next open job position. The newer generations are wanting, needing and expecting differences in the workplace that isn’t the norm. The workplace will always be changing and adapting to those who work in it. It’s not far off to think that newer generations witnessing the stresses, debt and struggles of their parents due to work, wouldn’t want to endure the same treatment or circumstances. Self-care is the new generation’s motto, and they are living by it.  


Differences of The Generations  

The current worldly conditions that we are in has enabled and fast tracked the newer expectations that millennials and Gen Z are anticipating. The two generations are close in age but extremely different and might expect or need different things. Millennials have close ties to Gen X (Parent’s Generation), so these generations share similar values of hard work but millennials were introduced to the internet and the rise of technology from its inception, so they are more comfortable with tech in general than the previous generations before them. 


Millennials have also had the mindset instilled in them from early ages that a bachelors, masters and doctorate degree is how you get the best job and get the most successes, hence the massive student debt load.  Now Generation Z, unlike millennials, don’t find higher education to be the end all of making money. They are very comfortable with technology and less likely to want to work as hard as previous generations. Both generations are very tech savvy and will be the driving force to making the workplace, in the near future, completely digital, for most industries. According to a recent article, employees who compete a coding bootcamp or a 4 year degree have the same percentage of alumni employed with the Big Five.  recent article, 


Age Ranges of Generations  

Gen Z (1997-2012/15) Current Ages: 6- 24 

Millennials (1981-1996) Current Ages: 25- 40  

Gen X  (1965-1980) Current Ages: 41-56 


What Millennials and Gen Z Are Expecting.  


The workplace is quickly growing with newer generations of people with Inc  reporting that “millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025 which further indicates that just a quarter of all workers in the world will not belong to the millennial generation. The millennial percentage of the workforce will keep rising”. Gen Z are newer into the workplace but are already impacting it with ManPowerGroup reporting that Gen Z comprised “24% of the global workforce” as of 2020. The expectations of these generations will forever change how the workplace operates. So here’s what to expect from millennials and Gen Z in the workforce.  


More Creativity  

Millennials and Gen Z want to be able to use more creativity especially in work. Allowing more creativity or artistic ability to roles can greatly impact your workplace from the introduction to new ideas and concepts that benefit the business, better engagement from employees and better productivity and performance.   


Freedom of Thought 

These generations want to feel valued and heard. They would like to freely express their ideas as well as feelings.  


Virtual Everything  

Remote Work: Remote work is becoming more and more common every day. It’s actually a very efficient way to work.   


Meetings: No more unnecessary in person meetings. Not to say that meetings shouldn’t happen but the countless meetings that provide no information and no one pays attention to aren't effective and simply just a waste of time and even money. "Couldn't they have just sent an email” is a common thing among employees regarding meetings.   


Flexible Schedules 

These generations want to be able to have their cake and eat it too. Self-care is important to them and they have a logic in which they want to work hard but also know when personal time is needed.  


Technology Based Work 

New devices: Working with newer tech.  

Fast internet connection.  

Less human interaction. A lot of work can actually be done without a lot of interaction.  


Support For Social Causes and Movements  

Millennials and Gen Z want to know if you're supportive of what’s important to them. They won’t want to work for people who don’t have the same morals and values as them or don’t recognize injustices.   


Additional Learning and Development of Skills  

These generations want to learn as much as possible to make the most money. They want to develop skills that are useful for their role. Reskilling is a major focal point for these generations.  


The way we once knew the workplace has completely shifted since millennials and Gen Z have entered the workforce. The past is the past and the future is going to be what these generations make it to be. The rest of us just have to be ready for change and welcome this inevitable shift.  




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