IoT Manufacturing

We know IoT, The Internet of Things, is a network of connected devices on the internet that can easily and quickly obtain and share data. But what is IIoT?, IIoT, The Industrial Internet of Things, is essentially the same thing as IoT but on the industrial level such as manufacturing. Manufacturing deals with the large scale of the production of goods through different sources including machines and labor. 


IIoT is generally being used within this industry due to the magnitude of manufacturing products  that takes place and the abilities and opportunities that the Industrial Internet of Things provides. Manufacturing has had a digital transformation in recent years due to the extensive advancements that cloud software provides to this industry. Manufacturing uses IIoT to collect production data and uses that data with cloud software to find solutions to improve efficiency within the operations of manufacturing.  


Both IoT and IIoT come into play within the industry but IIoT is more closely related to manufacturing due to the amount of data that the Industrial Internet of Things can handle. The manufacturing industry is leading in the usage of all IoT technologies due to the benefits and solutions that the Internet of Things can provide as a whole. IIoT’s main benefits being cost reduction by eliminating waste, improving materials and incredible asset management. It can also optimize energy use, help with inventory costs, and reduce employee downtime.  


The manufacturing industry is leading in IoT usage in general compared to other industries. “The major factors driving the growth of the IoT in manufacturing market include the growing demand for industrial automation in the manufacturing industry, the rising need for centralized monitoring and predictive maintenance of assets, the increasing number of cost-effective and intelligent connected devices and sensors, the growing need for reliable, secure, and high-speed network connectivity, and the increased adoption of cloud computing platforms.” (IoT in Manufacturing Markets.) 


IoT technologies are continuing to showcase the power that devices can have, what they can do for businesses and the consumer but also the advancements and changes that are taking place that have now changed the way we do business and communicate altogether. This is just the beginning for the manufacturing industry as well as many industries looking to stay competitive within their field. 

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