Edge Computing and Why It Matters.

Edge computing has what cloud computing lacks. Cloud computing is an important part of business right now and in the future but edge computing is right there on the front line. Edge computing is placing businesses workloads closer to where their data was made. Edge computing can go where cloud can’t. Whether that be off-line access, bandwidth(amount of information that can be sent) or latency(speed of data from source to its destination.)  


Edge computing can solve many issues that cloud computing can't. Edge computing brings businesses closer to their data quicker. This is important because getting information that is time sensitive quickly to businesses matters. Edge computing maximizes efficiency, performance for businesses but also provides data that is more readily available than with cloud computing.  


Depending on the industry and workload, edge computing may be a better solution for some but it’s important to state that it does not replace cloud computing. They both can work together to provide great solutions for your business. Industrial businesses like manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas companies, utility and transportation companies are all good examples of where you can see edge computing take place. Edge computing is flexible, powerful, efficient and secure. The growth of edge computing is rising and will be in many industries in the near future. 

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