Cyber Security in Software Development.

Cyber security aims to protect your data from any outside source not authorized to view your data and identifies weaknesses in networks and recommends solutions to mitigate risks. Cyber security is needed more now than ever due to the increase of technology and the use of the cloud. The cloud's ability to store large amounts of data makes having secure systems in place crucial. With so much, if not all of data being cloud-based, it’s critical to keep your data safe.  


Not all data should be seen by the public. Putting or creating systems into different businesses software to stop unauthorized observers from observing your business’s affairs is extremely important. Cyber security is an important part of any business’s software creating process. Why cyber security holds so much importance for a business, really anyone in general, is because of the increasing cyber threat that is happening globally.  


It can’t be guaranteed that we will be protected fully. There’s always a few flaws within systems but with cyber security, it can tell you quicker that your software has been compromised as well as prevent and fend off cyber incidents from happening. Cyber security is a necessity for everyone, not just businesses. Protecting yourself from malicious activity is especially important in the technological society that we live in. With everyone having data in the cloud, web and mobile-based devices, it’s pivotal we try to protect our data because it’s easier to corrupt.  


People tend to forget how sensitive certain information is. People also tend to forget how easy certain things can be hacked. We don’t realize that we are living in a world in which we are all connected. We connect ourselves through our data- Every app that we use has some sort of information that is personal to our lives. Even basic apps that you might not think hold any resonance over the topic, still can provide others with sensitive information about you.  

Gaming apps, email and all social media platforms contain sensitive information. We give our information so freely now that we should be putting in every step available to have secure data.  


Securing data can be easily done with cyber security by updating your software. That’s the easiest thing to do. Whether it be on your phone, laptop or tablet or business systems you should always have the newest software on your devices to make sure that you aren't being taken advantage of in any way. Even something as simple as having strong passwords can help keep your information safe. Nothing easy to guess, nothing short and something you can remember easily. Those emails that are randomly sent to you that look suspicious, are actually suspicious. Don’t second-guess it. If it feels off, it is. But doing the basics like strong passwords, ignoring weird emails and keeping your devices updated will help in stopping you and your data from falling a victim to the real threat of cyber-attacks. 


All in all, cyber security is a crucial aspect of life now. It’s not just for protecting businesses. We should all do more to keep information that is not for the web, from being on the web. Defending yourself from cyber threats can save you money, time and from having unwanted circumstances happen. Cyber threats are on the rise and won’t stop anytime soon with the technological advancements taking place globally. The increase of these threats will only increase the need for cyber security. It will forever be an essential necessity to businesses as well as people. 

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