5G. The New Generation of Mobile Technology.

The next generation of mobile internet is faster and better than ever. A fast internet connection is important. We rely on our internet connection to give us directions, send emails, listen to music, send texts and calls. According to multiple reports, 5G is supposedly going to change society’s lives. With the introduction of 5G to mobile devices, it's expected to achieve more connectivity than ever before. “While earlier generations of cellular technology (such as 4G LTE) focused on ensuring connectivity, 5G takes connectivity to the next level by delivering connected experiences from the cloud to clients. 5G networks are virtualized and software-driven, and they exploit cloud technologies. The 5G network will also simplify mobility, with seamless open roaming capabilities between cellular and Wi-Fi access. Mobile users can stay connected as they move between outdoor wireless connections and wireless networks inside buildings without user intervention or the need for users to reauthenticate.” What Is 5G? - How Does 5G Network Technology Work? The high speeds, and reliability is what sets 5G apart from the previous generations. This newer generation is fit for the times and greatly expanding the mobile ecosystem as we know it. 5G will impact every industry. It’s available now in an abundant number of countries as well as available to the public through smart devices.  


5G has allowed our smart devices to be faster, be more responsive and have low latency or less delay of data transfer, but it does come with its own set of problems. 5G being limited to certain phones will be an issue. Not everyone can or wants to get a new phone. Newer phones having 5G and older ones being limited to only certain generations of mobile internet is problematic. The fastness of your 5G network depends on your server. It's not just that you get 5G because you have a certain phone, your location and your phone provider has a lot to do with how well your 5G connection performs. Uneven coverage will be a commonality between users of 5G due to 5G being newer to the mobile device and internet connection scene. New technology is being created so of course there will be a few setbacks.  


This new generation of mobile networks was created for the amount of data or massive Internet of Things that society is a part of. The need to see and send information quickly, reliably and securely is an essential part of living in 2021. We cannot be without internet connection, especially without quick internet access in the world of today. There are billions of connected mobile devices and with current 4G connections, 5G will work in unison with 4G until 5G can stand alone in its own network. The latency time will decrease, devices will respond faster than ever and allow our digital society to continue to advance through our mobile technology. Our connected devices experiences will be that much better due to the abilities that 5G can conduct. 5G will allow us to do more than when we once could.  


5G is taking us beyond the capabilities of LTE. The amount of data that will be available to smart devices with 5G will be astronomically different than that from other generations of mobile networks.  


High speed, responsive, secure, and available to the masses. 5G comes with its positive attributes but it does come with a few setbacks. Do the setbacks outweigh the good? Our answer, no. The future of 5G is only getting better. It’s still a new mobile network internet connection and will take time to reach every person, in every location in the world, but it’s quickly on its way. We look forward to seeing what else 5G will make possible for us and how our society will greatly advance due to the new mobile technology.   

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