10 Habits of 10x Developers

Software developers come in a wide variety of skill sets. But it is the 10x developers that achieve ten times more than other developers. Which is why 10x developers are in high demand. But what exactly makes a 10x developer?

They Understand Their Environment

10x developers are masters of their domain. Whether the environment is enterprise .NET, Java, or Ruby, a 10x developer understands how their environment works and how they can influence the code.

They Understand Their Data Structures & Algorithms

10x developers have a bulk of the core languages memorized allowing them to easily grasp how various frameworks decipher the same issue.

They Write Workable & Extensible Code

10x developers write code that is clear, flexible, easy to extend, and fairly intuitive. Simply put, they write code that other developers can read without having to repeat themselves.

They Write Code That Is Easier To Troubleshoot & Debug

The hardest task of a developer is trying to decipher what went wrong when code execution fails without a trace. A 10x programmer will leverage language features, such as logging libraries and exceptions, to identify the type of error that occurred.

They Create Their Own Stock Of Code Snippets & Utilities

Most top-performing programmers develop their personal code libraries and utilities. The stockpile allows them to go faster without having to re-invent the wheel.

They Leverage Frameworks

10x developers with mastery of frameworks such as .Net to develop complex and fully functional web apps with remarkable speed.

They Avoid Repetition

With an armature programmer, you can spot repetition throughout the code body. Expert developers modularize their code and avoid repetition. This is considered the DRY principle. Don't Repeat Yourself.

They Write Secure Code

Programs created by great developers do not rely on bloated libraries. Instead, they rely only on code that does specifically for that purpose, never carrying technical debt. As a result, this ensures the safety of their code.

They Engage With Their Clients

10x developers keep their clients engaged in the development process, which minimizes the need to rewrite the code and avoid significant errors.

They Do Not Mind Working Long Hours

10x developers focus all their energy and time on the technical aspects of the code they are working on. They spend many hours doing deep work that challenges them intellectually.

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